• Mary & Elizabeth

    At Bluebell Farm

  • William

    On His Bike, Helped By Members Of Our Team.

  • Mary

    Made These Delicious Cupcakes....Yum Yum!

Welcome to our Website!

Freedom Care and Support provides support to children and adults with a range of disabilities including learning disabilities, autism, physical disabilities, mental health problems and sensory impairment in the Northwest of England.
We provide local, personal and responsive services. We do this by remaining small and staying close to the people we support.

Some examples of how we do this;

  • We will stay small so we know all the people we support and all the staff.
  • Mark, who runs Freedom Care and Support, sets up and reviews all the support plans with the people we support and their families.
  • The people we support and/or their families have the final say in the selection of the staff recruited to support them.